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The history and heritage of Rajasthan is marvellously bestowed and preserved for you in the 'City of Lakes', Udaipur. The illustrious history of Mewar is waiting to be explored. From the majestic Haveli to meticulous karigari, feel the royalty settling in as you visit our magnificent Gogunda Palace. Be prepared to get mesmerized as you enter the resort and reach the grand 'Hathi Pol', our elephant gate reception. The Gogunda palace, located in Udaipur, is a trove of experiences. Gigantic walls painted with bright yellow color depicting the energy and optimism of the Sun; it is as if the sunlight is bestowed upon the bare skin, adding shine and brightness to your endeavor. Every aspect of royal lineage is described on this palace's walls using the Kanchkari, Kamalkari, and Phulkari artwork. Together with hand-painted murals, Phulkari artwork, and hand-crafted wood, you will witness the heritage of the 16th Century come alive. Do you know? It was at the Gogunda palace in 1572; the 13th king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, was crowned; truly a historic event in the history of Mewar. Our Raj Tilak Suite gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an experience to visualize and feel the event in real. Also, you can pick from our range of luxurious suites to experience the life of the royals.

As grand as the history of Mewar is the menu of our restaurant- The Heritage Quarter. Indulge yourself into the delicacies based upon the royals' favourite recreational activity, hunting. Our menu offers a wide range of treats to coddle you into the taste of Mewar’s history. To uplift your experience of staying at this royal palace, there's a welcoming wine and dine section as well. So indulge yourself in an ancient adventure with a glass of wine and a spectacular landscape, an affair of a lifetime. For a real royal indulgence, opt for in-room dining with just one phone call. Now, this is the actual royal life and to experience it, visit now


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